Prosthetic Process

Making an artificial Limb is basically an engineering task. A prosthetist is comprehensively trained to understand the working of the human body and its interaction with a technical prosthesis.

The basic treatment and supplying of your new limb will take approximately one week. Where possible we arrange our measuring appointment on a Monday, the Fitting appointment on a Wednesday and delivery on the Friday.

All consultations are performed in the strictest privacy, and the prosthetist see only one client at a time.

The 7 steps are:

1. First Consultation

Clients are requested to attend our practice in order to ascertain the correct and appropriate prescription requirements to suit your lifestyle and personal requirements.

The client is under no obligation to precede any further at this stage. Following the first consultation, a quotation for supplying and fitting of a prosthesis is prepared and sent to the appropriate authority, or to the patient to consider and discuss the recommendation and costs, at leisure.

First Consultation


All measurements are carefully taken in metric millimetres and documented. The exact procedure differs depending the level of amputation. In all scenarios is a plaster cast of the residual limb taken, and will then later be used to continue the manufacturing process.


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