WELCOME...to the official web page of one of Africa’s leading and specialised prosthetic industries.

Marco du Plooy is a prosthetic rehabilitation practitioner who specialises in measuring, manufacturing, fitting and supplying of quality prosthetic devises.

At Marco du Plooy’s Centre for Amputees we cater for the needs of the individual and for those who demand a comprehensive and efficient service of the highest standard and quality.


The prosthetic PROCESS   Supporting our ATHLETES

Making an artificial Limb is basically an engineering task.

A prosthetist is comprehensively trained to understand the working of the human body and its interaction with a technical prosthesis.


South Africans are extremely proud of their Paralympic team who performed exceptionally well during the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Paralympic Games.

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"The best way to prepare for life, is to begin to live"

- Elbert Hubbard