Cosmetics, High Activity, Lightweight and Budget Prosthesis

High Activity Prosthesis

These type of prostheses are manufactured, using specially designed components, to aid performance of a certain activity or function, such as sprinting, golfing, or vigorous walking.

Most athletes do not compete using their normal day-to-day prosthesis. The high-activity-prosthesis allows the user to accomplish more a specific movement or function required by the specific activity.

It is common for athlete to have different prostheses for different activities. For example one athlete may have a prosthesis for running, and another for sprinting and yet another one for day-to-day walking.

Cosmetic Prosthesis

People differ, and so does their requirements for prosthetic appearance. Some amputees don’t mind making use of a “rough and tough” looking prosthesis. Others tend to appreciate the skin-like feel and look of a cosmetic prosthesis.

These cosmetic limbs are manufactured using a medical grade silicone that is matched to your own skin colour, and contains veins, hairs and mauls. The cosmetic prosthetic skin cover can be made to suit your every need, weather it is a tattoo you want on the prosthesis or a certain hair colour to suit your hair colour on the remaining limb.

Cosmetic Prosthesis - Joany

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